Let's change the future

Crowdfund and crowdinvest in environmental projects that have a positive impact on climate change. Make yourself carbon positive and make a green return on your investment.

Everyone can be carbon positive

We can now act together to slow climate change. Each project on Carbonex helps limit the carbon in our atmosphere. When you fund or invest on the platform, you'll become a carbon positive person - making a truly positive impact on the world around us.

Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting

When we come together as a like-minded group, we power great projects for the good of the planet and humankind. Our combined funding and investments remove, reduce or avoid harmful levels of carbon and other greenhouse gasses.

A community that does more

We are a global community that sees no limits to the positive impact we can have. That's why many of the projects you'll find here are improving lives by enhancing social, environmental and economic conditions around them.

Together we can make a bigger difference


Be carbon positive in a few taps with Carbonex. It's now easy to find, fund or invest in projects that will help slow climate change.

Your business

Becoming a 'Certified Carbon Positive' organisation is an obvious way of showing that your business cares about more than just doing business.

Your team

Unify your team around a common goal. Choose projects you can all support and believe in while taking your company to a carbon positive future.

Your customers

Connect to your customers on Carbonex through a shared passion for the environment. Help them make purchases that will have a positive impact on the planet.

Two ways to make a positive change

You can fund projects to become carbon positive or invest in businesses to receive a green return.


Fund great environmental projects around the world


Invest and launch new green businesses

Fund great environmental projects around the world

Fund certified projects making a positive impact on climate change. Your funding helps you or your business become carbon positive.

Invest and launch new green businesses

Help grow new and carefully selected projects through Carbonex crowdinvesting. Earn a green return while making an environmental and social difference.


Back projects making a real impact

Explore diverse projects

From protecting rainforests to delivering clean energy and supporting local communities, you'll find inspiring projects on Carbonex.

The crowd that can

Your support means the world, but needn't cost the earth. As part of a carbon positive community, our combined funding can help maintain successful projects for years ahead.

Certified and trusted

Carbonex projects help protect our planet and are certified by leading organisations including the UNFCCC and Gold Standard.

Projects doing more

These projects go beyond the environment. They promote social change, regenerate local communities, promote biodiversity and secure species survival.


An investment that's good for you and the planet

Join a powerful movement

Savvy, global investors already have innovative and profitable green businesses in their portfolios. Now, you can be part of this socially responsible investing revolution through Carbonex.

Grow green businesses

By investing in Carbonex projects, you're part of a bold new generation of environmental impact investors. Your investment will launch new ventures, see them take root and grow.

Get a fairer deal

We're committed to our projects over the long term. We set returns at an interest rate that's attractive to investors and fair to the business. Everyone wins.

Secure and ethical

Every project supported by Carbonex is asset backed for added protection. You have the security to combine making financial returns with making a real difference.

The price of climate change is high
Joining Carbonex is free

The price of climate change is high
Joining Carbonex is free

Technology to take on a global challenge

Intelligent learning

Carbonex is using artificial intelligence to develop models tracking the impact we're all making on our planet. Linked to environmental data and the state of global warming, these models help us accurately define the ways our members can be most effective.

Connecting our world

Our technology is helping create a network linking people, organisations and great environmental projects. We bring the right people closer, united in the challenge against climate change.

Verifiable impact

Harnessing blockchain and verifiable metrics, we ensure unprecedented accountability and transparency. We know for certain where every carbon credit is from. And know for certain that it is making a difference.

Safe and secure

We use a variety of techniques and technology to ensure safe and secure business. This includes the known reassurance of blockchain processes and predictive machine learning.

Powered by a new global carbon exchange

One planet, one platform. Buy and sell carbon credits easily on an international exchange.

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Let's change the future

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